Thursday, November 21, 2013

Puppy Fever

My husband and I have reached the stage in our lives and marriage of having moved beyond wanting more children. Don't get me wrong; I still get all googly-eyed whenever I see a small baby or cute toddler, but then I remember the eight consecutive years of no sleep to which my youngest two subjected me, and I quickly change my tune. Three is enough. Trust me. Anyway, there is a fine line between "just enough" and "too many," and I'm pretty sure our friends and family would think we'd nosedived off the deep-end if we added any more humans to Clan Garrett. These days, it's all about . . . 


I find myself wanting another puppy in the house like we did just two short years ago when we were first contemplating getting a dog. The only difference is now I know what to expect, the good and the bad. The training, by the way, never stops. Nearly two years of walking Chloe the Black Lab, and I'm still teaching her not to pull. How can one dog be so smart but so . . . dumb? Here's a clue, Chloe - quit pulling on the leash and maybe you won't sound like a chain-smoker hocking up a lung!

But back to puppies. How absolutely adorable is this?

My husband and I are not yet convinced we are a two-dog family. After all, with a dog, two cats, two guinea pigs, and a rabbit, we have no shortage of animals to love. And let's not forget, we just bought that new sofa. 


  1. I was thinking as I read this "What about the new couch!" lol! I love puppies. But we're just going to have to wait until we get a house before we think about another!

  2. Coming from a house with two cats, two rabbits, a ferret, fish (don't really count...), and two dogs... the decision to add the second dog, Lucy, was not easy for me. I resisted for a loooong time. But there really is something to be said for having already been through it once, already having toys, food, although you may want another crate)... and the biggest selling point that put me over the fence was giving the first dog a friend. Much like an only child who gets a sibling, it really is great for them to have each other, for them to keep each other entertained and occupied. (Did the same thing when we got cat #2 thirteen years ago.)

    Since Lucy was a three-year-old when we got her, training has been... well... absent. We've tried, but because she's part beagle (read: stubborn) and because she's not a pup with malleable neurons, that part has been hard. And I don't like having to make double the potty trips outside. Although it's possible to do them together, it's not easy.

    But Chloe is still young, and the younger she is when introduced to a new dog, the easier it will be. Darby took to Lucy really quickly, so that was a big success for us.

    Whatever you choose to do, good luck. :)

  3. We are a 3-long-haired-baby family, so I say go for it. But please adopt. Don't support a puppy mill.


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