Monday, May 7, 2012

The Spirit Keeper on Kindlegraph

So yesterday one of my daughter's friends asked me to autograph her print copy of The Spirit Keeper. Um . . . cool! I always sign my name to my books whenever I send them out, but Friend wanted a more personalized message. I felt like a freakin' rockstar and totally unworthy, but she was smiling and gushing and it absolutely made my day. And then this morning I read M.B. Mulhall's guest post over at Novel Publicity about Kindlegraph

In short, Kindlegraph is a site where authors can upload their books (print and e-book) and readers can request a digital autograph. What's cool is that readers DO NOT have to own a Kindle to get a Kindlegraph; the digital signature is attached to the book's cover image and then sent to the recipient as a PDF via the email he / she has on file. You can see my signature below. That one was made using my mouse, and it's a pretty close approximation of how my real signature looks. However, authors can also use a tablet if they have one. 

So if you'd like a Kindlegraph from me, or from any other the other 3500+ authors who participate, I'd be more than happy to oblige. Here's a link to The Spirit Keeper on Kindlegraph. Once I have new covers made for Precipice and Turning Point, I will link to them, too.


  1. This registered in my brain somewhere in the Blog Universe, but I definitely need to look into it again. It's such a neat concept to send an autograph for the new electronic age. I've bookmarked this post... thanks for sharing.

    (My daughter is proudly spreading The Spirit Keeper postcards!! Thanks again!)

    1. Tia, you're welcome. And tell your daughter THANK YOU for sharing The Spirit Keeper postcards! :-D


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